Our popular snacks


An Indian classic, tastes equally great with or without the iconic chutney.


Paneer pakoda

Delicious paneer fritters, both crispy and crunchy.


Puri chana

Chickpeas cooked with Indian spices make for a delicious treat accompanied by puri rotis.


Chaat papdi

The best of Bombay chaat, both sweet and sour.


Pao bhaji

Another delicacy from the streets of india, combining soft bread with spicy veggies.


Masala chai

The iconic chai, mixed with Indian spices to lend the perfect balance to the sweet beverage.


Bread pakodas

A twist to the pakodas found on the streets of India.

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Ginger chai

Chai, infused with a ginger flavor.


Halwa puri

Puri rotis with a delicious halwa.


Kulfi faluda

Badam and milk come together in this combo.


Milk badam

Milk with the goodness of crunchy nuts.


Gobi pakoda

Cauliflower florets fried in a spicy batter.


Fresh paneer

Authentic, fresh paneer.



Aloo Paratha



Gobi Paratha



Paneer Paratha


Kaddi Chawal

Kaddi Chawal