A Sweet Bite

Did you know that eating a sweet a day can improve your mood and make you happier than before? We might avoid sugar on the pretence of shedding calories but end up missing on a delightful experience. At Ganesh Sweets, we understand the need to stay in shape, but feel that having a sweet once in a while will not hold us back from our ideal shape. We take the time to make sweets and savories with the minimum calories that we can. Come, indulge in our sweet treats and find yourself engulfed in a one of a kind experience.

Our Specials


    The best sweet you will ever lay your hands on.


    The finest laddu made with love and lots of ghee.

  • Kaju Burfi

    The best in barfi, filled with the rich taste of cashews.


    A unique twist to the classic barfi, flavoured with elaichi.

  • Besan Burfi

    The goodness of besan combined with the unique taste of a classic barfi.

Snacks & Breakfast


An Indian classic, tastes equally great with or without the iconic chutney.

Paneer pakoda

Delicious paneer fritters, both crispy and crunchy.

Puri chana

Chickpeas cooked with Indian spices make for a delicious treat accompanied by puri rotis.

Chaat papdi

The best of Bombay chaat, both sweet and sour.

Pao bhaji

Another delicacy from the streets of india, combining soft bread with spicy veggies.

Masala chai

The iconic chai, mixed with Indian spices to lend the perfect balance to the sweet beverage.


The mix of mithais, namkeens and papad will without a doubt uplift your mood.

Our savories are delicious, tasty and full of flavor. You can definitely rely on them to lift your mood when you’re down. Pair up the savories with tea or simply indulge in them during snack-time. While almost all of us are said to have an inclination towards sweets, many relate to lacking the sweet tooth. For them, our mix of authentic Indian savories is sure to be the perfect snack partner. Whether you like crispy papads or mouth watering sweets, we have it all.